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  • Liquid Crystal Panel and Liquid Crystal Module

    LCD: Liquid Crystal Display

    LCM:Liquid Crystal Module
    TN :Twisted Nematic
    STN: Super Twisted Nematic
    FSTN:Formulated Super Twisted Nematic

    TFT:Thin Film Transistor

    COB: Chip On Board
    COF:Chip On FPC
    COG :Chip On Glass
    Backlight : Backlight
    LED Light Emitting Diode
    EL Electro Luminescence
    DVI : Digital Visual Interface (VGA)
    LVDS:Low Voltage Differential Signaling
    IC:Integrate Circuit
    TCP : Tape Carrier Package

    Duty:Duty cycle, the fraction of a cycle above the lighted threshold voltage

    CCFL(CCFT) : Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light/Tube
    PDP : Plasma Display Panel
    CRT :Cathode Radial Tube
    VGA :Video Graphic Array
    PCB :Printed Circuit Board

    Industry term for LCD and LCD modules

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