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  • On the market, most of the display screen OEM production companies, their own production companies are not many.

    Among the world famous brands, the screen of South Korea's samsung and LG is known to be produced and sold by themselves.Display screens of other niche brands, and those brands capable of self-production and self-marketing, also have an unassailable position in their own segments, facing various brands.For buyers, how to find suitable suppliers from these LCD panel manufacturers?

    Small make up today to give you a detailed introduction:

    The world-renowned LCD panel production line is mainly controlled by several enterprises: au optronics in Taiwan;Chi mei electronics in Taiwan, China;Sharp, Japan;South Korea samsung, South Korea LG;Philips;Boe, etc.These companies supply the world's main demand for liquid crystal displays.

    1, LG Display

    LG Display is currently the world's first LCD panel manufacturer. It is affiliated to LG group and headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.Its subsidiaries are: LG electronics, LG display, GS caltex, LG chemistry, LG life and health, etc., covering the fields of chemical energy, electronics and appliances, communication and service.LG Display's customers include Apple, HP, DELL, SONY, Toshiba, PHILIPS, Lenovo, Acer and other world-class consumer electronics manufacturers.LG's manufacturing base in China is in nanjing, shenyang.

    2, SAMSUNG,

    Samsung electronics is South Korea's largest electronics company and the largest subsidiary of the samsung group.Its product development strategy emphasizes not only the matching principle of "leading technology, using the most advanced technology to develop new products in the leading-in stage to meet the high-end market demand", but also the matching principle of "leading technology, using the most advanced technology to develop new products, creating new demand and new high-end market".Samsung's customers are mainly targeting samsung itself.Samsung's manufacturing base in China is in suzhou, nanjing.

    3. Group innovation optoelectronics

    Innolux is a tft-lcd panel manufacturing company founded by foxconn technology group in 2003.The factory is located in longhua foxconn technology park in shenzhen.Innolux has a strong display technology research and development team, coupled with foxconn's strong manufacturing capacity, to effectively play the vertical integration benefits, to improve the level of the world plane display industry will have a pointer contribution.In March 2010, it merged with chi mei electronics and tong bao optoelectronics.

    Innolux's customers include apple, lenovo, hewlett-packard, panda, nokia, MOTOROLA and others.

    Innolux's production bases are located in nanjing, ningbo, foshan, etc.

    4. Au optronics

    Au optronics, formerly known as acer technology, was founded in August 1996. It was renamed au optronics after the merger of au optronics and united optronics in 2001.Au optronics is the world's first tft-lcd design, manufacturing and development company to be publicly listed on the New York stock exchange (NYSE).

    Au optronics is the first manufacturer in the world to obtain ISO50001 energy management system certification and ISO14045 product system certification for ecological benefit assessment. Au optronics has been included in the dow Jones world sustainability index in 2010/2011 and 2011/2012, setting an important milestone for the industry.

    Au optronics' customers include lenovo, acer, asus, samsung and others.

    Au optronics' production bases are in suzhou, kunshan, xiamen, etc.The Shanghai plant has been closed.

    5. Boe

    Boe, founded in April 1993, is the largest display panel manufacturer in China and a provider of Internet of things technology, products and services.At present, boe has reached the world's first place in the field of notebook LCD, flat LCD and mobile LCD. With its success in joining the apple supply chain, boe will become the world's top three LCD panel manufacturers in the near future.

    Boe's customers include lenovo, huawei, etc.

    Boe production base in Beijing, chengdu, hefei, erdos, chongqing, fuzhou and so on.

    6, sharp

    Sharp is known as "the father of LCD panel".Since its founding in 1912, sharp corporation has been developing the world's first calculator and liquid crystal display, represented by the live pencil, which is the name of the company. At the same time, sharp corporation has been actively expanding new fields, contributing to the improvement of human living standards and social progress.Sharp is already owned by foxconn.

    Sharp's main customers are sharp, samsung, SONY, hisense and so on.

    Sharp's production base in nanjing, wuxi, etc.

    7. Chunghwa picture tube

    Founded in 1971, zhonghua picture tube is committed to developing display technology. Through continuous innovative design and research and development, it introduces high-quality innovative products to meet the needs of human beings for visual enjoyment.With rich experience in the development and mass production of video products, CCT has been continuously launching new products with the advantages of wide perspective, rapid response and high color saturation.

    Improve product quality and service level, give full play to the business philosophy of "creation and innovation, the pursuit of perfection, unity and cooperation", devote to the research and development of the whole series of products from small size to large size, actively oriented to the all-round photoelectric technology innovation, and become the leader of the video industry.

    Our customers include DELL, philips, samsung, acer, etc

    Zhonghua picture tube production base in fuzhou, suzhou, shenzhen, etc.

    8. Toshiba group

    Toshiba is a famous multinational enterprise group with a history of 130 years. It has a wide range of business, including social infrastructure construction, household appliances, digital products, electronic components and other business fields, covering almost every aspect of production and life.

    Toshiba, which has the largest research and development facility in Japan, developed the world's first laptop computer, the first 16MB flash memory, and the world's smallest 0.85-inch HDD.Build advanced HDDVD technology;Research and manufacture of new SED screens, Toshiba created many "world first".

    And through constant technological innovation for the change of people's lives to make a contribution.At present, Toshiba is gradually withdrawing from the home appliances, electronic products market, to the higher technology content of industrial development.Toshiba's production base in China is located in shenzhen, ganzhou and so on.

    9. Tianma microelectronics

    Tianma microelectronics, founded in 1983 and listed on shenzhen stock exchange in 1995, is an innovative technology enterprise providing display solutions and fast service support for global customers.

    The company has set up tft-lcd key materials and technology national engineering laboratory, national enterprise technology center, post-doctoral mobile workstation, and undertakes national development and reform commission, ministry of science and technology, ministry of industry and information technology and other major national special projects.The company's strong technology and scientific research capabilities become the cornerstone of the company's sustainable development.

    Tianma's customers mainly include VIVO, OPPO, xiaomi, huawei and so on.Tianma's production bases in China are in shenzhen, Shanghai, chengdu, wuhan, xiamen, etc.


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