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  • China's first 8.5 generation TFT-LCD glass substrate production line ignition

    China's first 8.5-generation tft-lcd glass substrate production line was successfully fired in bengbu, anhui province on Monday, entering the debugging stage of the equipment. The production is expected to reach mass production in September.

    TFT-LCD glass substrate is the key strategic material of electronic information display industry.The 8.5 generation tft-lcd glass substrate has a size of 2.2m*2.5m and can be cut into 6 55-inch panels.At present, the 8.5 generation tft-lcd glass substrates for large-size LCD TVS in China are completely dependent on the technology and products of foreign companies, and they cannot be independently produced.

    The ignition production line is the project result of the national key research and development program of ministry of science and technology "development and industrialization demonstration of core technology of high-generation electronic glass substrate and cover plate", which is led by China building materials bengbu glass industrial design and research institute.

    According to the data of liquid crystal branch of China optical optoelectronics industry association, in 2018, the demand of glass substrate in mainland China is about 260 million square meters, among which the demand of 8.5 generation glass substrate is 233 million square meters, while the annual supply of domestic tft-lcd glass substrate is less than 40 million square meters, and all of them are 6 generation lines or below.

    The 8.5 generation tft-lcd glass substrate production represents the high level of modern glass industry large-scale manufacturing, and its core technology has been monopolized by a few foreign enterprises for a long time.Supported by the national key research and development program, bengbu glass industry design and research institute of China building materials co., LTD., with years of accumulation and persistent research, has cooperated with several units to overcome the key technology of high-generation electronic glass, which will provide the key raw material guarantee for China's LCD panel industry after mass production.

    It is reported that after the project volume, China will become one of the few countries in the world to master the production technology of high-generation tft-lcd glass substrate.

    Source: xinhua

    China's first 8.5 generation TFT-LCD glass substrate production line ignition

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