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  • The most important and fragile LCD is the LCD display panel, which is easy to be broken, and the accessories around it are also easy to be broken, so we must pay attention to the packaging in the transportation process.

    So how do you package LCD screens?

    First, we will cover the LCD screen with a thick and soft plastic bag, which is specially used for the screen.


    Put EPS foam into the bottom of the carton, and put all the accessories of LCD display screen into the foam box.


    Foam the cover and seal it with sealant


    Because of various damage factors during transportation, STONE Tech USES high-density, high-hardness aircraft boxes.

    There are some companies that might offer larger screens.

    ups or usps for large packages.

    These are not enough for 3.5-inch screens, 7-inch screens, 15-inch screens. Right now can use the packing that hits wooden frame, can assure not to be damaged.Just hit wooden frame cost to compare commonly tall.

    Because the transportation damage rate of LCD is very high, and the price of LCD is not cheap, once the damage occurs, the merchants, express delivery companies and consumers are not willing to take such a responsibility for the loss.

    Before delivery, it is safe to do some drop tests to verify.

    How to package the LCD Screens?

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