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  • Speaking of LCM module FPC wiring, we must understand or familiar with what is FPC? 

    FPC in LCM module can be divided into many kinds according to function, such as FPC antenna, FPC touch screen, FPC capacitive screen, FPC cable is one of them, generally speaking, FPC cable is the connection line.FPC wiring is a type of FPC, so its composition is the same as that of FPC.FPC is generally elongated and both ends are designed as pluggable needles that can be directly connected to the connector or welded to the product.

    The middle is usually the line, because FPC wiring needs some flexibility, so the base material is generally calendered copper, resistant to twists and turns, flexible.The surface treatment technology used for FPC wiring is usually gold deposition, with occasional oxidation prevention.However, the oxidation prevention process is not able to withstand high temperature, and the environmental bearing capacity is worse than that of gold sinking. 

    The price of both is similar, so most of the gold sinking process is adopted.In addition, there are tin plating and tin spraying process, but FPC temperature tolerance is generally below 280 degrees Celsius, and tin spraying will have more than 300 degrees Celsius temperature, and solder paste hardness is small, so it is rarely used.FPC's function and purpose the function of FPC's wiring is to connect two related parts or products.Now, a lot of products use the line, because it has a certain flexibility, in printers, mobile phones, laptops and many other tft lcd products have used FPC line.

    What is the FPC in the LCM module?

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