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  • You can often see a lot of people asking, what are LCD and OLED?What's the difference...

    So say, hisense still has ULED, samsung still has QLED.

    So, here's how they differ.


    LED screen of liquid crystal (LCD) screen, the advantages of small size, low power consumption, the disadvantages are poor color performance.

    Another kind of liquid crystal, CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp), has a good color performance but high power consumption and short life span, which is not common nowadays.


    Organic light-emitting Diode (organiclight-emitting Diode), which can be understood as a "living LED" light Emitting technology.

    The pixels in other technologies can be interpreted as "dead" and require leds (aka backlights) as light sources.

    That is, unlike leds projected onto a screen by a tri-color light, oleds allow semiconductor and luminescent materials to emit light by charging and recombining carriers under an electric field.


    According to the driving mode, oleds can be divided into passive oleds (PMOLED) and active oleds (amoleds), which are adopted by mobile phones these days.



    Because of its "self-luminous" nature, OLED can directly control the change of light and shade of pixels, which is much faster than LED in response.

    At the same time, without bulky projections, OLED screens can bend in all sorts of ways, including curved TVS and curved phones, thanks to OLED features.

    Of course, OLED is not omnipotent. If the same picture is played for a long time, the OLED will burn the screen and leave a residual image (for example, long-term viewing of CCTV1 will leave a mark).

    The dimming problem on the mobile phone also makes stroboscopic become the heart of many users.

    There is a core reason, is the price of the expensive!


    As for the future, stronger QLED (quantum dot) technology is on the way, emitting light through tiny, nanoscale "quantum dot" particles,

    In many ways, it is better than the existing OLED, but when it will be available is unknown.

    Introduction to LCD&OLED

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