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  • As the new consumer electronics show (CES 2019) draws near, foreign media have revealed another patent of samsung's flexible OLED display technology.But LG is ready to commercialize the technology.

    Unlike LG's OLED products in design, samsung's patent is for a horizontal reel solution.The drum on both sides of the screen provides mechanical support.Compared with the vertical installation, the horizontal type needs to solve the problem of keeping the flexible display screen flat on the horizontal surface.

    To overcome this problem, samsung provides central support for the back of the screen.When the display is fully retracted into its support tower, the central support unit can be neatly positioned behind the two rollers.

    From this point of view, samsung doesn't seem to care if its concept TV can be completely hidden in a home environment. But the current lineup of samsung QLED TVS is more focused on "displaying products in a seemingly natural way" (such as picture frame TVS).

    One advantage of this technology, of course, is the ease with which the screen can be adjusted.In the future, we may be able to make the TV more attuned to where we are with the remote control.Of course, this is only a concept, and it is not likely to spread.

    What's more, this screen is likely to be able to convert the TV between flat and curved surfaces, which is believed to be a very attractive selling point.

    Samsung's patent for a flexible TV screen has been revealed

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