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  • China's electronics manufacturing industry earned 13 trillion yuan in 2017. But growth in the consumer electronics industry has slowed in the past two years, as shipments of mobile phones and computers have slowed, and demand for liquid crystal displays has slowed.The following display industry data statistical analysis.

    China's electronics manufacturing industry earned 13 trillion yuan in 2017, according to an analysis of the display industry.In terms of hardware product manufacturing, the output of mobile phones, computers and color TV sets in China reached 1.92 billion, 310 million and 170 million respectively. The market demand scale of consumer electronics products is increasing, and China is playing an increasingly important role in the global LCD industry.

    In the early stage of LCD development, as an important LCD panel demand market, China has been in a state of "lack of core and screen" for a long time. Because LCD panels account for a very high proportion of the cost of LCD display, domestic LCD TV, computer and other manufacturers are forced to spend huge sums of money to purchase LCD panels and other key components from manufacturers in South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

    Through the statistical analysis of the display industry data, although the LCD industry in China develops rapidly, the scale of the industry is growing, and the localization is constantly improved, the self-sufficiency rate of the LCD panel is still low, and the product is more dependent on the outside, which affects the long-term development of the domestic LCD industry to some extent. With the increasing demand for LCD in electronic information industry, China's existing enterprises have been putting into production the LCD panel product line, and the industry's production capacity has been constantly improved.

    As Chinese panel makers ceaseless effort, coupled with policy support, liquid crystal display (LCD) industry in China in recent years the rapid development of our country has gradually become the important production base of LCD panel, mainland LCD panel production has been occupying weight status, independent core technology of rapid growth, the global influence growing industry, its self-sufficiency rate of LCD panel will gradually improve, import tends to decline.From 2012 to 2017, the import volume of China's LCD panel has been declining, which was us $30.13 billion in 2017, down 5.4% year-on-year.

    Through statistical analysis of display industry data, it can be seen from the market competition of domestic LCD brands that the scale of domestic LCD enterprises is relatively small, most of which focus on the production of medium and low-end products, while high-end products are concentrated in well-known enterprises. Domestic LCD brands are represented by boe, tianma, huaxing optoelectronics, longteng, vercino and CLP panda. Domestic brands are strengthening their competitiveness in their respective fields.

    Our country TFT LCD display export advantage gradually loses, also because our country liquid crystal display export is still in the low-end product primarily, the technical content is relatively low, is difficult to cope with the market competition.Although China has become the world's top three LCD panel production base, local manufacturers are still weak in technology, especially in high-end products from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other places to import LCD panels.In the development of new technology, the technology gap with Japan and South Korea and Taiwan enterprises is still relatively large, on the whole is still in the stage of technology catch-up.


    TFT LCD Display industry data statistical analysis

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