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  • Glass substrates are one of the key basic materials for the flat panel display industry.

    The surface is vapor-deposited with a layer of In2O3 or SnO2 transparent conductive layer that is the ITO film layer. Transparent conductive patterns are produced by photolithography. These patterns consist of a pixel pattern and an outer lead pattern. As a result, the outer leads cannot be soldered conventionally and can only be connected by means of conductive rubber strips or conductive tapes. If they are scratched, cut, or corroded, the device will be scrapped.

    Although the component only accounts for 17% of the total cost of the LCD panel, the most delicate, transportation costs are very high, and its output directly affects the production of color filters and other parts of the 5 generation line, is the most critical part of the panel production.

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    Glass substrate

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