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  • The TFT screen is a variant of LCD, TFT, or ThinFilmTransistor, which is an active matrix type of LCD AM-LCD. The so-called active matrix TFT comes from so that the response time can be greatly improved.

    Generally, TFT's response time is faster, about 80ms, while STN's is 200ms, and flickering will occur if it is to be improved. Moreover, because the TFT is an active matrix LCD can make the arrangement of the liquid crystal has memory. It will not return to its original state immediately after the current disappears and compared to STN, TFT has excellent color saturation, reproduction ability, and higher contrast. However, the disadvantage is more power consumption, and the cost is also relatively high.

    LCD liquid crystal display is mainly divided into monochrome, pseudo-color, true color, and so on. And TFT is a kind of LCD, also known as a true color screen, in brightness, viewing angle than the other two are strong!

    LCD refers to liquid crystal display, TFT screen is a kind of LCD, in which TN-LCD, STN-LCD, and DSYN-LCD of the basic display principle are the same. Only the twisting angle of the liquid crystal molecules is different, the STN-LCD liquid crystal molecules twist angle of 180 degrees or even 270 degrees. The TFT-LCD uses a completely different display mode from the TN series LCD.

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    What is the relationship between TFT screen and LCD?

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