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  • TFT refers to the fact that each DU liquid crystal pixel on the LCD is driven by a thin-film transistor integrated in the rear. Thus, high speed, high brightness, and high contrast display screen information can be achieved, TFT-LCD is a kind of most liquid crystal display.

    TFT display is the mainstream display device on all kinds of laptops and desktops, each LCD pixel on this kind of display is driven by the thin-film transistor integrated in the back of the pixel, so TFT-type display is also a class of active-matrix liquid crystal display devices. It is one of the best LCD color displays.

    TFT type display has the advantages of high responsiveness, high brightness, high contrast, etc., and its display effect is close to that of CRT type display.

    Thin-film transistor LCD is one of the active matrix type liquid crystal display (AM-LCD).

    Unlike TN technology, TFT displays use "back-transmission" irradiation - the imaginary path of the light source is not from top to bottom like TN LCDs, but from bottom to top. This approach is to set up a special light tube in the back of the liquid crystal, the light source when irradiated through the lower polarizer upward transmission.

    As the electrodes of the upper and lower sandwich layer are changed to FET electrodes and common electrodes when the FET electrode is turned on, the performance of the liquid crystal molecules will also change, which can be shaded and transmitted to achieve the purpose of display, and the response time is greatly improved to about 80ms. Because it has higher contrast and richer colors than TN-LCD, the screen update frequency is also faster, so TFT is commonly known as "true color".

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    What does TFT mean by mobile screen material?

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