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  • 1. TFT screen plate cutting

    We TFT screen manufacturers generally buy back the glass panel belongs to the big board, and the big board glass needs to be cut into the corresponding size to be cut into the substrate, cut into 5-inch TFT screen, 7-inch TFT screen, 8-inch TFT screen, and so on. And the cut TFT screen panel will be cleaned. After cleaning on the Cell Test test, speaking of poor TFT screen panel selected out, this step is very critical.

    2. the combination of TFT screen panel

    Put the two glass substrates according to the fixed interval, seal the two glass edges with frame glue and conductive glue and leave one or two notches, put the liquid crystal panel into the vacuum chamber, pump out the air from the liquid crystal panel through the notches reserved, then fill the liquid crystal with the help of atmospheric pressure (liquid crystal is a kind of compound material between solid and liquid), and then use UV glue to close the mouth of the crystal filling to complete the liquid crystal filling process.

    3、Polarizer lamination

    Polarizer lamination is also called POL, which refers to the TFT screen panel on both sides of the polarizer, the angle of the two polarizers and color filters, TFT's PI directional film friction angle parallel, stick polarizer production completed. TFT screen imaging to use polarized light. TFT screen panel before and after each a polarized light film affixed to the LCD glass above and below, the composition of the total thickness of about 1mm LCD film. If any of the polarizers is missing, the liquid crystal sheet is unable to display images.

    4.TFT screen IC pressure

    The chip on glass is directly bonded to the glass by the COG (Chip on Glass). and then this pressure. Use ACF to crimp the endpoints together as required, and then seal with sealing glue.


    5. TFT screen pressure line

    The wiring also called the flex circuit, is mainly responsible for connecting the circuits and is responsible for energizing them. Through ACF bonding, hot pressing at a certain temperature, pressure, and time, the FPC flexible circuit board is connected to the TFT screen panel to achieve the connection of the external driver circuit. The manufacturing process mainly includes ACF pre-paste, pre-bonding, main bonding, testing, and other steps. After assembly and wiring are called FOG.

    6. TFT screen assembly backlight

    The last step is missing the backlight, with the backlight can be driven to light, the previous process has been assembled to FOG, and then the LED backlight module and iron frame or plastic frame for fixed, to complete the LCM LCD module finished assembly process.

    This is the complete TFT screen production process, although it is relatively simple, the details of this all test the production level of TFT screen manufacturers.

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    How is the TFT LCD screen manufactured?

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