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  • 5-inch TFT liquid crystal display is currently shipping a significant increase, on the one hand, due to the current market conditions are better, on the other hand, also because the demand side and then continue to rise. We ship there will be shipping packaging, due to the 5 inch TFT LCD also belongs to the glass products, how to standardize the 5-inch TFT LCD packaging?


    5-inch TFT LCD display box packaging

    5-inch TFT LCD screen box packaging should have a label, indicating the product model, quantity, and the actual product model, quantity is the same, the use of the packaging tray and BOM single is the same, the quantity on the label of the inner packaging, a model with or without the correct fill in, with or without the cover on the QA conformity chapter.


    5 inch TFT LCD packaging matters needing attention

    1. We sometimes use vacuum packaging when packaging products, vacuum packaging needs to confirm whether there is damage to the bag, air leakage, vacuum effect is not too heavy leading to deformation of TRAY disk or too light and packaging loose.

    2. 5-inch TFT LCD display end number of box packaging to confirm the use of foam or other soft material pad flat, product packaging must not have a loose phenomenon. The model number after the completion of packaging to all confirm the number of external labels, model and box number is correct.

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    5 inch tft LCD screen packaging considerations

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